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news  >   SIEMENS Opcenter - a New Platform for the MES/APS/QMS/LIMS Systems


SIEMENS Opcenter - a New Platform for the MES/APS/QMS/LIMS Systems


SIEMENS Digital Industries Software (former SIEMENS PLM) has decided to unify its range of MOM (Manufacturing Operation Management) systems and change the names of its flagship products (SIMATIC IT, Camstar, Valor, Preactor and QMS) to SIEMENS Opcenter when launching their new releases.


SIEMENS Opcenter is a comprehensive MOM-class solution allowing for the implementation of a full production digitalisation strategy. Siemens Opcenter ensures a comprehensive insight in the production process, enabling decision-makers to identify in a simple manner the areas requiring improvement both as regards the product design and the associated production processes and also to carry out any enhancements required to obtain a smoother and more efficient production.


The technologies and architecture of Siemens Opcenter adapt to match the specific requirements of diverse industrial processes, providing comprehensive MOM applications with an abundant ecosystem of industry-specific functions developed based on an extensive expertise in the production process. With the highly scalable platform, Customers may combine a high productivity and the process quality and transparency to reduce the time required to launch new production.


Siemens Opcenter provides solutions for:

  • Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) called Siemens Opcenter Advanced Planning and Scheduling (former Preactor).

  • Production execution (MES) called Siemens Opcenter Execution (former SIMATIC IT).

  • Quality managements (QMS) called Siemens Opcenter Quality (former IBS QMS).

  • Data analysis (BI) and production efficiency management called Siemens Opcenter Intelligence (former Manufacturing Intelligence).

  • The R&D Departments and labs called Siemens Opcenter Research, Development and Laboratory (former R&D Suite, Interspec and Unilab).


Watch the video and download the leaflet:


-  YouTube: SIEMENS Opcenter - Smarter Manufacturing

- Leaflet: download    Format: PDF (1,47 MB)









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