MyCompany Player package contents

This page is based on the Information topic template shown below - use that template to create other similar topics.


Your MyCompany Player package should contain the following:




(Rev. 07/31/2006)

Information topics

Simply put, information topics provide users with important facts. Information topics are critical to your project, but do not contain task or procedural steps. Most projects are built on a foundation of information topics and task topics, with links leading to other types of topics. The size of information topics can vary greatly, from short and focused to large and dense  (if a topic becomes too large, however, it is best to split it into two or more topics).



Information about .......

Use this space to provide information that is critical to your users.




Include appropriate links to other topics by writing a list of links or by adding a related topics button:


(Rev. 07/31/2006)