MyCompany Player interactive

This page is based on the Show Me topic template shown below - use that template to create other similar topics.

Using the MyCompany Player

Click on the buttons in the picture below to find out what each button on the player does, or click on one of the following actions to show how to accomplish it on the player:



Insert your own graphic here ...


(Rev. 07/31/2006)

Show Me topics

Show Me topics contain visual images, such as screen shots of the entire user interface or screen shots of user interface components, that support textual explanations. Often reachable through links in task topics, Show Me topics offer a greater level of detail for users performing a task. The most elaborate Show Me topics contain multimedia video that truly "shows" how to do a specific procedure. For example, a Show Me topic for a graphics tool could show that in order to change a color, a user needs to click a specific tool, then move their mouse to select a certain color, and then click on their graphic.



Show Me how to .....

Use this space to include a graphic or video file that shows the user how to perform a certain action. You can link to your Show Me topic from the appropriate task topic.




(Rev. 07/31/2006)