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Alerter - the Asix.Evo module is used to send notifications via e-mail or SMS. Notifications can be sent automatically by the alarm system, if the recipients of the alerts are defined for specific Asix.Evo alarms. It is also possible to send alerts using Asix.Evo scripts.

Alerter can work as an independent integrated Asix Evo module or Asix.Evo can use the AsAlert program, working independently on a local or remote computer. The latter option concerns rather older applications in which we want to maintain compatibility with previous Asix versions. From the version 11 of the Asix package, an internal Alerter module integrated with Asix.Evo is available and its use is recommended.

The recipients of the integrated Alerter notifications may be directly users defined in the security system and user groups defined by the roles of the security system. It is also possible to send notifications via Alerter timetables. Timetables allow you to distribute notifications to different users or groups depending on the date or time of day.

If Asix.Evo uses the AsAlert program, then the recipients, groups of addressees, timetables and other settings should be configured in AsAlert program.

For the Alerter module to work, it is necessary to purchase an appropriate license for Asix:

• AsAlert in the server version for workstations which will act as an Alert server or are to send notifications directly (e.g. are connected to a modem).

• AsAlert in the client version for workstations that will commission sending notifications to Alerter server workstations by network.